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Welcome to Dongguan Kechuang Hongwei Model Technology Co., Ltd.中文


Product Express

Classification by process...
Classification by process...
20 years Shouban model making factory
Quickly solve your worries about product development and
Small batch production and customization.
Quickly solve your worries about product development and <br>Small batch production and customization.

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Shouban? Why choose Kechuang Hongwei

Intimate service Only the starting point has no end point

The process determines the cost, and the quotations of the same product for different handicraft factories vary greatly?
20 years of industry experience to provide you with solutions
The system is chaotic, and it depends on people to control it.
We are liable for breach of contract if not delivered according to contract
Poor quality, think Shouban is only one-time use?
Every handpiece is treated as a work of art!
The product is put into production samples, the order quantity is small, do not know how many pieces can be made?
One piece can be made regardless of order size
New products, new technologies do not know what process to use to achieve?
Professional Shouban engineers find solutions for you

4 advantages

4 advantages for you to comprehensively create Hongwei Shouban enterprise strength

  • Professional technical team with 20 years of exper...
  • Pre-judgment in advance to ensure that there are no defects in mass production
  • A professional team with 20 years of experience, in the process formulation stage, analyzes the product to predict the defects that the product may produce in the manufacturing process, thereby formulating a quality manufacturing process plan.
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Strength 10 years of focus on customization of prototype models

Advanced testing equipment and perfect quality inspection system protect your products

  • Our advantage 3

    Our advantage 3

  • Our advantage 2

    Our advantage 2

  • Our advantage 1

    Our advantage 1

Custom made
Support customized design
Issue quality inspection report for each product
3 months unconditional replacement of quality problems
Fast delivery, fastest delivery within 3-5 days

Strict customization process

Every step needs to be confirmed layer by layer to ensure zero errors in molding

About Us

10 years Shouban model custom factory

Dongguan Kechuang Hongwei Model Technology Co., Ltd. 

Dongguan Kechuang Hongwei Model Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for many years. The company is located in the famous manufacturing city of Dalang Town, Dongguan City, with convenient transportation and living; the company brand Dongguan Kechuang Hongwei, the main product is Kechong Hongwei rapid prototyping technology The company‘s promotion and research and development, the company is close to the National Economic and Technological Development Zone Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, only one hour away from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, within two hours to Foshan, Shunde, Zhuhai and other cities. With its superior geographical location, the company The market originates in South China and radiates the whole country

Processing Equipment

16 sets of high-speed CNC 24 hours processing, 4-axis CNC machine, complete equipment for turning, milling and grinding, accuracy up to +/- 0.005mm

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Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

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Products are exported all over the world

Join Hotline:138-2693-5537


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  • Company name: Dongguan Kechuang Hongwei Model Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Tel: 138-2693-5537
  • E-mail: yuena0717@163.com   kchw2017@163.com
  • WeChat ID: 13826935537
  • QQ: 375294069
  • Address: No. 233, Huanghualanghualou District, Dalang Town, Dongguan City
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